Friday, May 24, 2013

Wesak Day Open House

Fussy M's friend brought us her friend's Wesak day open house and we helped ourselves with the vegetarian meals.  Had a great time filling up our stomachs with several helpings.  Next year, I will inform more friends to about this place since all are welcome and the host reminded us to come again next year when we bid good bye to her.

Vegetarian Lam Mee (noodle). My friend said tasted better than in restaurant or the real (non-vege) Lam Mee.  Of course the soup was not piping hot as buying from the stalls. The vege meat looked so real that for a momnet , I thought it was real meat.  And it really had Fussy M fooled !  She was whispering to us that that this was not a vegetarian food as her friend has told her ! 

Lor Hon Chai with red bean soup for dessert.


Jade Buddha on world tour during its stop at Penang in April. 

 Handwritten Sutra in micro mini font (written with Chinese brush) . Take years to accomplished.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ming Garden

 Lunch @ Ming Garden .  Don't really got to enjoy as my gums are killing all the fun !

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Old House Restaurant (2)

lobster with roast pork and duck and fruit salad

fish maw soup ; very thick, really oommph !

steamed pomfret 

 the broccoli has absorb all the  flavour , unlike where usually it's for mere decoration and tasteless 

noodle with prawn ; part like hokkien prawn noodle and part like lam mee

                                                                                                           Although it is only 6 course, it is so....full-filling coz the portion is big !
Ta! Ta!  Wish I could come again !  .. (when gather enough eaters ! Ha...Ha.... ) 

Old House Restaurant (1)

 private room

leads to washroom